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Quiet Now/Stina Hellberg Agback/Jonas Isaksson Quartet

Do Music Records

"And if there is icing on the cake, the Quartet's rendition of "My Favorite Things" satiates the desire of Agback's harp to become the focal point. She delivers the theme melodically and harmonically, demonstrating the sheer beauty and power of her instrument"

-Michele L. Simms-Burton, Downbeat

"The restfull music is filled with substance and depth"

- Patrik Sandberg, Orkesterjournalen

"It surely is a bit rowdy and chaotic sometimes, when Alice Coltrane's 'Gospel Train' passes by on the railway and Isaksson's howling guitar passes us in our compartment, but what stays with us, is that the album 'Quiet Now' is restful, pretty chamber jazz." - Lenarrrt Olausson, LIRA

Jonas Isaksson/Stina Hellberg Agback

Do Music Records (2017)

"Stina Hellberg Agback is an imrovising harpist, and an absolutely amazing one (...) I never thought I could be so enchanted by music for only harp and guitar, but I enjoy every moment"

- Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten

”…here we find improvisation where the harp and guitarist’s main electrical guitar weaves sounds together. A meditative state in a music that balances between folk music and jazz” 

– Lenarrrt Olausson, LIRA


Do Music Records (2016)

” ’Farväl Fålhagen’ and ’Kolerakyrkogården’ becames beautiful sound paintings whilst ’Konstant Automat’ broadcasts their wilder side”

- Björn G. Stenberg, UNT (4/5)

“Calm and searching notes on ‘Kolerakyrkogården and slow, bluesey ‘Sjömannen’ are heard before the electrified ‘Konstant Automat’ begins. I say like the Icelandics: More harp to the people!”

- Lennarrrt Olausson, LIRA


Do Music Records (2014)

”Stina Hellberg Agback on the harp makes it sound like this is what the instrument is made to do, from the beginning”

– Adina Magnusson, NWT

“The music is atmospherical and beautiful and would surely have fitted well as the soundtrack of an art film (…) Trilobit has a sound of their own and makes really good music”

– Lennarrrt Olausson, LIRA

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