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Stina Hellberg Agback

Pioneering Improvisational Harpist

Revolutionizing Harp Music: Stina Hellberg Agback stands at the forefront of a musical revolution, redefining the concert harp’s role in the realm of improvised music. With her innovative approach, she boldly ventures into territories previously unexplored by harpists, integrating the elegance of traditional harp with the spontaneity of jazz improvisation.

A Fusion of Energy and Soul: Stina’s performances are a dynamic blend of technical brilliance and passionate energy. Described as having “the brain of a computer and the soul of a whirlwind,” she masterfully navigates through free improvisation, original compositions, and classic jazz, establishing herself as a world-class jazz harpist.

Acclaim from the Jazz World:

  • Downbeat, Michele L. Simms-Burton: "And if there is icing on the cake, the Quartet's rendition of "My Favorite Things" satiates the desire of Agback's harp to become the focal point. She delivers the theme melodically and harmonically, demonstrating the sheer beauty and power of her instrument"

  • SKJAZZ, Ján Hocek: "Stina Hellberg Agback is a completely unique phenomenon in the field of European jazz!"

  • Orkesterjournalen, Patrik Sandberg: "The restfull music is filled with substance and depth"

  • LIRA, Lenarrrt Olausson: "It surely is a bit rowdy and chaotic sometimes, when Alice Coltrane's 'Gospel Train' passes by on the railway and Isaksson's howling guitar passes us in our compartment, but what stays with us, is that the album 'Quiet Now' is restful, pretty chamber jazz."

  • Dalademokraten, Lennart Götesson: "Stina Hellberg Agback is not just an improvising harpist; she is an absolutely amazing one.”

  • Gabriella Dall’Olio: “Her understated brilliance captivated everyone, leaving the audience longing for more.”

  • An Enthralled Fan: “Never imagined 'Giant Steps' could be so beautifully rendered on the harp.”


Join Stina Hellberg Agback on her exhilarating journey as she continues to push the boundaries of harp music, creating a new language that speaks directly to the soul of the listener.

Stina Hellberg Agback/Jonas Isaksson Quartet

Harp - Stina Hellberg Agback, Electric Guitar - Jonas Isaksson

Recorded at Glashuset, Stockholm, on April 19th 2018
Double Bass - Rasmus Diamant, Drums - Daniel Olsson
Recorded at 606club, London, on April 25th 2018
Ed Babar - double bass, Tom Early - drums
Recorded at Omnikvariatet, on May 4th 2017
Pär-Ola Landin, double bass Daniel Olsson, drums

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